The Family Tree! The MrCHOE Show & MeezyArt Presents a Monthly @ Agenda Lounge!

This is the part 6 of a Series of Shows and Great Parties! Our 6th Party will be on 12.21.06! We got some of the finest DJ's in the south bay with the local favorite HipHop Group Poeticali Distherbd!The Marvel Team! One Soul Now! And Cant Find a Villian! With MrCHOE (Poe Dis/3 Style Attractions), DJ Rockspin (Gruv Ind)!!!! Come Check us out on the 21th of December! Massive! One to the LOVE, 3 to the Styles!

Our Fifth Party will be on
Thursday 12.21.06!

MrCHOE (3 Style, CP Music)
DJ Rockspin (Gruv Industry)

and performing live
E-Sik & Harmonize
Marvel Team Up
Cant find a Villian

Inside the Agenda Lounge
399 S. First Street
Downtown San Jose

Leeeetsss doooo thisss mannnnnnnnnN!!!!!!

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